dear outer, from inner.

I'm back as an indigo, back in the density
Back to the days of three
Back to the days of me
Back to the days where we see
Trees in separate not a part of me
Intelligence is the key, if you can unlock your mind
Before you unlock your eyes so you can transcend the time
Let's down to the beach, get something to eat
Maybe, for you and me
Let's look out at the stars, and see who we are
Maybe, for you and me

Take a bit of water now
You be looking frustrated
When I be saying things like now
I'm trying to figure it out

Take a bit of dinner now
I swear it tastes great
When you try to tell me all your feelings
It never goes my way
It never goes my way
When it comes
When it comes to me
When it comes to us
Oh I know
Oh I know its not that easy
But, why isn't it
Why isn't it, why isn't it
You tried to tell
Tried feel the things I do when I'm healthy
You have too many appointments

jimi. - willow smith