me voy

“anyone who takes life wins
anyone who looks outside flees
anyone who is awake charges
anyone who suffers loves strong” - me voy, Ibeyi (translated from Spanish)

http://KEXP.ORG presents Ibeyi performing "Me Voy" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded November 15, 2017. Host: Cheryl Waters Audio Engineers: Julien Bourdin & Kevin Sugs Audio Mixer: Julien Bourdin Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Alaia D'Alessandro & Justin Wilmore Editor: Alaia D'Alessandro

Music is a language, an art, a science and a necessity. At least for me - someone who gets distracted by noise (…/people talking WAY too loudly) but you’ll see me working wonders with earphones glued in. It takes you to places, slows you down, keeps you grounded. …. makes the sensual experience that is ceramics just that one bit more therapeutic (…or is this just me?). As a kid/annoying teen, being in two different worlds of classic music made me aware of the ‘layers’ of music/sound, and best believe, I’ve been fascinated ever since with finding new music, especially music that makes me feel at home with myself. That, and I LOVE ‘breaking apart’ music in my head and crying with joy at how amazing how everything comes along into a wonderful 4 minute masterpiece (… I yes I know, I’m that kid that limits social interactions, because she’s too deep into her own curiosities).

I remember listening to ‘River’ by Ibeyi in Cookie’s car for the first time and knowing within the first thirty seconds I would fall in love with their work. How I love those moments when she introduces me to musicians whose vocals, lyrics and rhythm hit the sweet spot of my soul.

If I could be a sommelier about the way Ibeyi makes me feel, I’d take moment, swirl the glass counter clockwise after a deep whiff of their bridges and say ‘ elements of reclaiming, indefinable strength, textures deep as mahogany with an lingering earthy finish.’ Ah yep. They sure as fuck make me feel things and makes my studies/crafts flow - feeling less ‘leaned out’.