greens w/szechuan pepper, lemon & garlic

eating greens in the most exciting ways possible , isn’t that happiness is about?

(what’s added and you could too = mushrooms, pickled fennel)

(what’s added and you could too = mushrooms, pickled fennel)

This one isn’t a recipe, definitely more just clues on how to incorporate more greens in your diet without going on the green juice/broccoli route (though I’m sure they’re great in their own ways!)

  • chuck all your favourite greens (mine right now are snow peas, snap peas and brussel sprouts) in a bowl. Add oil (i used olive and sesame), salt, pepper, a blob of honey (trust me!), a minced garlic clove and if you have.. 1/2 -1 tsp of numbing but delicious grounded szechuan pepper! Toss them all until each green is seasoned.

  • have the pan (cast irons, if you don’t have one, $12 is all I’m saying to you … forget the brands!) slightly smoky. To have your greens charred and crispy, your motion has to be quick! If it’s charring to fast, reduce the heat to medium. Cook the greens in batches so it’s not crowded (this leads to soggy and limpy greens!) After their done, drizzle some olive oil and lemon juice, this is how our skin will stay happy and glowy (so I hope.)

  • You have add other things to greens at the end or beginning to make it even more or a heartier meal. Cook in mushrooms, finished it with some pickles! Or, add some brown miso and a little chicken stock to reduce down and make a sauce. With this you could add some recooked noodles. (Like what’s below! And if I could have just my 30 second ‘show and tell’… guys! I also made that plate/bowl! I know! I’m still learning, guess what you’re getting for Christmas though)