gettin' jiggy wit it, on a Tuesday

Tuesday mornings have become a somewhat a weird groundhog experience - waking up and and celebrating I have nooo obligations to work (but, will have 20 dot points to fulfil, attempting five at a time, but only finishing two completely). 

Recently, I think it might be from the increasing restaurant hours, I've allowed myself to revert back to best way to relieve stress. Here is the antidote, if you will 

  • playing 'Gettin' Jiggy Wit It' the moment you feel stressed and you feel the spiralling (because if you could envision yourself as Will Smith, all things become just a little easier). You play it 2.5 times, it gets a little annoying the third time around 
  • You completely change the vibe with playing something that's of classically Indian or, in this week's case, the soundtrack of Bajirao Mastani, as it completely distracts you from the oh so delicious feelings of 'what the actual f*ck am I doing with my life, and how is it so that I've worked 78 hours last week, but my payslip says 43?' How can you not get distracted by this movie though? Let's be real (even I forgotten to cry about whether I want to chase up my payslip matters..) 

And for the last dot point.. 

  • Cook to no obligations of other peoples ideas, no time limitations, blast music! (and daydream that you were in that scene up top ^) 

Lovely housemates have already noticed that I've used our kitchen as a cave, factory, studio and stress reliever. Somewhere to dream, cry and play (like no chef is watching and theres no one to please! oooft, this is what joy is made of) 

This dish is a ricotta gnocchi that I've panfried in burnt butter with sage, oregano and lemon zest. With I paired with a burnt leek and pumpkin puree, served with Greek basil, pecorino cheese, walnut oil and hazelnuts. Oh yes, stress in little pockets of cheesy potato-y fluffy goodness.

p.s making your own ricotta is  one link away: