not so black forest for Mervs

Theres this one guy at work who plays both the clown card and 'driven/knowlegable/knowshisshit' card. It's kinda inspiring. And a little comforting. To know that theres people out there that haven't let go of their personality as they grow into their careers. 

For Merv's birthday (as requested) I made a black forest cake. But... because I am arrogant and stubborn and do not like traditional cakes (yea i know, look at me being annoying!). I changed it. I change it, muito. It turned into a chocolate sponge cake that was soaked in a cherry-cardamon-clove-rosewater syrup, with a marscapone mousse, a berry 'forest' and little pieces of a pomegranate jelly I made. 
yep... totally the black forest cake that he asked for! 

black forest cake.jpg