a teaspoon of thought, a sprinkle of creativity and a drizzle of love

staff meals. This word either creates joy or some sort of ugly adversity for chefs. (Im more of the first choice, if you had not realised yet.) 

I understand that it's time and money. But I also believe that scraps don't necessarily need to be combined into a souless dish and placed infront of the other resturant workers as if we don't give two fruitcakes what they're eating. 

Here I am saying, we should! Shouldn't we try just a little to keep our team excited? A little inspired in the ways we can turn scraps into foods that our whole 'family' would love to eat. 

I guess it does take a little more thought, and maybe takes away some of my time, but, when I put myself in others' shoes, hell yes would I be excited to have my break food to be something exciting and something I can learn from! 

Todays Staff Meals was made from all scraps and foods going 'off'. Quick pickling tomatoes and cucumbers. Frying old basil and shallots. Frying fish offcuts in  spiced coconut cream and crumbs. 
See, I told you. Scraps can be exciting!